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Arharia male tiger

Tigers4Ever is a small UK based Registered Charity (Number: 1160528) which was originally established as a small, not-for-profit organisation in late 2010 by Corinne and David Taylor-Smith. Tigers4Ever raises awareness of the wild tigers’ plight; and tries to inspire people to support their conservation efforts to save them. Tigers4Ever seeks to influence the policy and decision makers, where possible; and to raise funds for conservation projects at ground level to help save wild tigers in India. Tigers4Ever is committed to working with the communities living with wild tigers to build trust so that everyone living with wild tigers has a vested interest in its long term survival in the wild.

Since Tigers4Ever was established it has made a significant difference to the communities which live with the threat of wild tigers in and around Bandhavgarh in Madhya Pradesh, India. Tigers4Ever has provided educational resources for 1800 children living in 24 villages around Bandhavgarh enabling each child to attend school for at least 1 year. Tigers4Ever has also provided over 1600 pieces of vital equipment for anti-poaching patrols protecting wild tigers, including bicycles, waterproof clothing, first aid kits, treated mosquito nets, waterproof high quality head-torches and batteries, and snake rescue, capture and release kits,

In 2015, Tigers4Ever established the first of its kind Buffer Zone poaching patrols to address the fact that 90-95% of all wild tiger deaths due to poaching or poisoning occur in the buffer forests. Since establishing the Buffer Zone Poaching Patrols there has been a 94% reduction in wild TIGER DEATHS due to POACHING or POISONING in Bandhavgarh (compared to 14 tiger deaths in the previous 2 years).

Tigers4Ever ensures that all of its Tiger Conservation Projects are community focused so that those who live with the threat of wild tigers can benefit from its long term survival. Tigers4Ever achieves this through engaging local suppliers to make and supply the equipment for the anti-poaching patrols and the education packs, thereby creating local employment and supporting local businesses. Tigers4Ever employs local workers, from the villages around Bandhavgarh, as Buffer Zone Poaching Patrollers which again creates local employment and ensures that villagers can be approached without fear in the event of incidents. Tigers4Ever is also using local labour and suppliers in the construction of permanent wildlife water-holes which again supports the local economy.

Tigers4Ever is entirely dependent on donations and other fundraising activities to fund its charitable work. All UK based Tigers4Ever personnel are unpaid volunteers. Tigers4Ever pledges to use all donations received for wild tiger conservation projects.

The Tigers4Ever UK based team includes Co-Founders Corinne and David Taylor-Smith alongside inaugural Trustee Naomi Ditchfield; and more recently appointed Trustees: Jeremy Valentine and Shaer Halewood. The Tigers4Ever team in India is headed up by Tigers4Ever appointed representatives: Mr.Deepak Talan  and Mrs Vidya Singh.

Tigers4Ever received recognition as a Charity from HMRC in January 2012 and from the Charities Commission England & Wales in February 2015.

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