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Fundraise for Tigers4Ever

If you’d like to help us to save wild Tigers , why not become a Tigers4Ever Fundraiser? Anyone can choose a fundraising activity to suit their own abilities (take a look at our Fundraising A-Z opposite). Once you have your idea, all you have to do is set up your fundraising page & tell people about your event so they can take part/sponsor you. You can set up a personalised fundraiser page here - don’t forget to let us & your friends know what you are doing.

Your friends, family & colleagues can then donate or sponsor you via your own personalised fundraising page & help you to save wild tigers. We'll even tweet your activity on our Twitter page if you let @Tigers4Ever2010 know what you are doing & when you’re doing it.

Please send us details of your activity & pictures to post on our website so we can share your achievements.

So if you love wild tigers why not fundraise & help us to give wild tigers wild futures.

Thank you.

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Adopt a Wild Tiger

Adopt a wild Tiger Adoption with our MyTigerFriend Scheme which follows the lives of six wild tigers in Bandhavgarh, India. Each adoption will cost you £10; £20 or £35 per tiger per year (Standard membership; Offline membership; Premium membership, respectively) & you will get access to the members’ only area of our website where you’ll find videos, newsletters & more information about your adopted tiger &their home. Each MyTigerFriend will have up to 4 Newsletters per year, detailing key events & milestones in their lives as they struggle to survive in the wild.

Click the MyTigerFriend Image below to find out more & adopt a wild tiger today


Do you love Tigers? Ever wondered what you can do to help to save them in the wild? Get involved now:

Recycle for Tigers4Ever

We’ve joined forces with Cartridges4Charity to find an innovative way to help save wild tigers &our planet. So if you’ve got any old ink cartridges (used or unused) or a mobile (cell) phone/gadgets - Please recycle them to help us to save wild tigers at: http://tigers4ever.ink2cash.co.uk/ If you love wild tigers don’t throw your old cartridges, phones, etc., away - Recycle & help us to give wild tigers wild futures.

Thank you.

EasySearch Tigers4Ever's Search Engine partner to help save wild tigers

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Tigers4Ever has teamed up with Clothes2U.com to bring you a range of custom designed T-Shirts, Hoodies & Sweatshirts. All sales will be handled by Clothes2U.com & will be delivered direct to your door, some options within 24 hours: Profits from all sales will help to fund our Anti-Poaching Patrols to save wild tigers from poachers & retaliatory poisonings. Click the images opposite for more:

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