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Three Royal Bengal Tiger Cubs of around 1 year old, Tadoba, India

The projects we are currently fundraising for:

1. A large permanent wildlife waterhole with solar powered bore-hole pump & dam stoppers for year round water supply - Rs.1,300,000 (UK£15,300).

2. A smaller permanent wildlife waterhole with solar-powered bore-hole pump for a year round water supply - Rs.734,000 (UK£8635)

3. Buffer zone anti-poaching patrols - Rs.820,000 (UK£9640) annually.

4. A 5-HP Solar-powered Borehole pump for the provision of a year round water supply at an existing waterhole- Rs.649,000 (UK£7650).

5. A vehicle for the Tigers4Ever Buffer Zone Anti-Poaching Patrols Rs.750,000 (UK£8900)

6. Mosquito nets for forest patrols (each) - from Rs.500 - (from UK£6.25)

7. Education Packs (each) - From Rs.350 to Rs.600 - (UK£4.25 to £7.50)

8. Waterproof Jackets & Waterproof Trousers for forest patrols (each)- from Rs.400 - (UK£5)

9. Warm jacket(each) for forest patrols - Rs.1600 - (UK£20)

10. First Aid Kits for forest patrols (Each) - Rs.250 (UK£3.20)

11. High Quality Waterproof Head Torches like the one shown opposite (each) and spare batteries for forest patrollers - from UK£45.

12. Cost of bereavement payments for loss of a life - from Rs.10000 to Rs.15000 - (UK£125 to UK£188).

13. Sturdy  shoes/boots (per pair) for forest patrollers -Rs.2000- (UK£25)

14. Bicycles (each) for forest patrols - From Rs.5000 - (From UK£62.50)

15. Scholarships from Rs.500 (UK£6.25) per month.

16. Permanent Notices to help educate villagers and reduce man-tiger conflict from Rs.6800 (From UK£85).


Join Now to Help us save Tigers in the Wild

You can help us to save wild tigers by donating online, joining our MyTigerFriend scheme and by using EasySearch and Everyclick search engines . You can also help us to raise funds through “Give as You Live” and EasyFundraising online shopping partners at no extra cost to you. Please use the links below:

Current Projects Back Next Our Work Poaching Patrols High quality waterproof head torch for poaching patrols

A £45 Donation can help provide a high High Quality Head Torch like this for a tiger poaching patroller

Bore-hole for sourcing underground water for wildlife with Solar powered pump Permanent wildlife waterhole Equipping Poaching Patrols with Uniforms, Head-Torches, First Aid Kits, Bicycles & Waterbottles Education packs for children living with wild tigers mean they can go to school for a year Twitter Logo Tigers4Ever Twitter Feed Facebook Logo Tigers4Ever FB Page EasySearch Tigers4Ever's Search Engine partner to help save wild tigers