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Arharia, Alpha Male Tiger, Bandhavgarh

Naomi Ditchfield is a Founder Trustee of Tigers4Ever. She has two grown up children aged 22 & 18. She is visually impaired, but that doesn't stop her getting involved in projects that she believes in. Naomi’s first memory of endangered species was back in the early 70's, when as a child, she visited London zoo, saw a panda called 'Chi-Chi' and was inspired to help save wild pandas and bought a mug which she still has. Naomi was told there were not many left in the wild so when she was older she joined WWF to help them continue their work with trying to save animals and their habitat. Now Naomi is trying to do her bit to save endangered tigers with Tigers4Ever.

Naomi is also a Trustee for the Bradbury Fields Services for Blind & Partially Sighted People Charity.

Dr. Corinne Taylor-Smith is a Founder Trustee of Tigers4Ever. She obtained her PhD from the University of Liverpool in 2012. She has been passionate about tigers since being 7 years old, inspired by a BBC documentary in which Indira Gandhi visited Corbett National Park & outlined the set-up of Project Tiger. Corinne was determined to follow in Indira Gandhi’s footsteps, she fulfilled her dream in 2007, seeing first-hand the pressures that tigers & those who live with them face daily. This made her determined to do everything that she could to save wild tigers for future generations.

Corinne is a Scientist, wildlife conservationist & photographer who has made many trips to different national parks in India to understand & photograph the most majestic & elusive of the big cats. She has formed firm bonds with India’s tiger conservation community & the tigers of Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

David Taylor-Smith is a Founder Trustee of Tigers4Ever. David is a wildlife conservationist & photographer who has been seduced by the mystique of the tiger. He has made a number of trips to different national parks in India, with his wife, Corinne, to understand & photograph the most majestic elusive Tigers. David has also formed firm bonds with the tiger conservation community in India & the tigers of Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

David is a qualified accountant & a member of the CPFA North West Council as well as a Pension Fund Trustee. David is a keen cyclist and has raised thousands of pounds cycling for Tigers4Ever. David’s photographs can been seen on this website and selected images are available for purchase from 500px to help raise funds to save wild tigers.

David is jointly responsible for monitoring & managing the risk register for the Tigers4Ever Board of Trustees with Dr. Sean Axon (see below) with effect from July 2018.

Who We Are

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Our Patrons: Martin Clowes became a Patron of Tigers4Ever on 04 March 2013. Lauren Maddox became Tigers4Ever’s second patron on 28 February 2017 and Susan Fisher-Kaufman is our most recently appointed Patron with effect joining us on 14 August 2017. You can discover more about all our Patrons below.

Susan Fisher-Kaufman

Martin Clowes became a Tigers4Ever Patron in March 2013. Martin has worked in Animal welfare, conservation & rescue for the past 20 years. He is the founder of Jemima’s Place Animal Trust, which rescues & re-homes all manner of domestic, wild & large animals in the UK & Europe. He has a Degree in Raptor rescue, conservation & rehabilitation. In 2016, Martin launched the French & Pug Dog Foundation (FAPDF). The foundation rescues & re-homes Ex-breeding French bulldogs & Pug dogs, & dogs which have been imported illegally into the UK. Martin has a passion for big cats & their conservation. He has travelled regularly to Tsavo National Park in Kenya. Martin actively campaigns to stop the use of lions & tigers in “live shows” & circuses.

Martin uses his role as patron to Fundraise & promote Tigers4Ever through the highly successful “Pugfest” which he runs, all around the UK, with his son Robert Clowes; making many tv and radio appearances in that capacity. He’s looking forward to his first trip to India, in his role as patron, to see the work done by Tigers4Ever, himself.

Martin Clowes Lauren Maddox

New Trustees: Tigers4Ever is currently in the process of appointing further new trustees who will help us to face our future challenges in wild tiger conservation over the next three years or more. Once these appointments are finalised the new trustees’ details and photographs will be added to this page.

Lauren Maddox became Tigers4Ever’s second Patron on 28 February 2017.  

Lauren has been an animal activist for over 10 years & first became a vegetarian when she was little, becoming a raw vegan about 13 years ago. She is the presenter of the documentary currently in production, called 'Bearing Witness', being filmed in Toronto, Canada, England, Europe & across the U.S. as well as Asia. Lauren is actively involved with the Save Movement whose groups have spread all across Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe with vigils to pay respect for the lives of thousands of farmed animals, such as pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbits & fish, who are on their way to slaughter houses across the World. Lauren says “As you read these very words, genocide is taking place on a mass scale to so many species”. Lauren believes that we have to stand up for the innocent sentient beings who don't have a voice & raising awareness on this as well as in relation to animals that are about to become killed, so as to become extinct, is what she is dedicating her life to.  

Lauren uses film as a medium to help raise consciousness on the planet & so that everyone realises that all animals have a soul & must be treated the same as any other being.  Lauren says “We are all one & must be treated that way, if there is ever to be peace in this World”. She will be acting in films such as 'A Tiger's Cry', co-produced by Susan Fisher-Kaufman (which she is currently helping to raise investment funds for) & also writing, creating documentaries concerning animals who don't have compassion shown to them & to draw light on those being killed or whom are being treated inhumanely. She will also do a documentary in 2019 about Cetaceans, Dolphins, Whales, Sea lions & turtles in the ocean & how they’re ill treated & get caught in nets - for her work as an Ambassador for Sea Shepherd, U.S.A.

Lauren is proud to have been chosen as a Patron for Tigers4Ever & hopes to create a documentary about our much needed aid & work to stop Tigers from being killed in Bandhavgarh, India. Poaching is bringing tiger numbers dangerously low & if it continues, they will become extinct. Lauren is looking forward to going out to India with Tigers4Ever in 2018 or 2019 to see the villages and to film their hard work.

Susan Fisher-Kaufman became a Tigers4Ever Patron in August 2017.

Susan owns the copyright and is the Producer of a new film “A Tiger’s Cry” which documents the lives of a couple struggling to save wild tigers and their diminishing habitat spanning a period of over 70 years.

Susan is an entrepreneur who has results oriented experience in both corporate entities & film production in both the USA & globally.

Susan is also a long time campaigner for animal & human welfare, & has promoted her interests in these areas through a series of campaigns & fundraising initiatives.

Susan, like Tigers4Ever, believes that wild tigers deserve to have a wild future & has been interested in our wild tiger conservation efforts for some time. Susan will, through her role as Tigers4Ever Patron, promote the work being done by us to give wild tigers wild futures and raise awareness of the day to day threats facing wild tiger survival.

Our Trustees: Tigers4Ever Trustees are unpaid volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure that Tigers4Ever is well run in accordance with Charities Commission regulations AND to ensure that Tigers4Ever can meet its objective of ensuring that wild tigers will have a wild future. Our trustee details can be seen below.

Gemma L Baker became a Trustee of Tigers4Ever in November 2017. Gemma is passionate about animals and animal welfare so was keen to join Tigers4Ever to fulfil her ambition to make a real difference for wild animals.

Gemma recently graduated from Liverpool John Moores University, where she studied animal behaviour. She currently works as an area manager for Amazon and was actively involved in establishing a Korfball club in her home town of Norwich.

When asked, Gemma said: “I have always had an interest in Tigers having grown up obsessed with them”. Gemma also uses her skills in animal behaviour to assist with medical detection dogs on her day off.

Gemma will assist Tigers4Ever with fundraising and its social media channels as we seek to raise awareness of the wild tigers’ plight.

Gemma Baker

Sarah J Jones became a Trustee of Tigers4Ever on 10 February 2018. Sarah has a background in fundraising, and has worked for multiple third sector organisations helping them to raise much needed funds for their charitable endeavours. She now hopes to use these skills to help Tigers4Ever’s quest to give wild tigers a wild future.

Sarah remembers being captivated by Tigers during her first trip to Chester zoo as a child.  As she got older she felt for those held in captivity, strongly believing there must be a better way to protect these animals in their natural habitat. Sarah is relishing the opportunity to work with Tigers4Ever as she has a real empathy for its aims and objectives. Sarah has always been interested in supporting conservation and the environment. Sarah believes that she can use her fundraising strategy skills to help Tigers4Ever to grow to meet the challenges it has set in its 5-year plan.

Dr. Sean A. Axon became a Trustee of Tigers4Ever on 31 March 2018. Sean has had a lifelong passion for the natural world, wildlife and in particular, tigers. He sponsors tiger projects in India and Nepal; and brings a broad background in science and technology, corporate affairs and sustainability to the Tigers4Ever team. He has previously been a chair of the Board of Trustees for a faith-based charity.

On joining Tigers4Ever, Sean said: “I am excited and delighted to have been invited to join the Board of Trustees of Tigers4Ever. My aim is to use my personal and business skills to help the team drive forward the future strategy of the charity, and enable us to make a real impact on the protection and long-term future of the tiger”.

Sean will assist Tigers4Ever with Risk Management and environmental impact/sustainability issues as we seek to give wild tigers a wild future.

Sean is jointly responsible for monitoring & managing the risk register for the Tigers4Ever Board of Trustees with effect from July 2018 with David Taylor-Smith (see above).

Sean is also responsible for Governance of the Tigers4Ever Board of Trustees with effect from April 2018 and is the Tigers4Ever Data protection Officer with effect from 30 July 2018.

Sean Axon

Ben W Worth became a Trustee of Tigers4Ever in September 2017. Ben is passionate about using his marketing expertise to help good causes, he is currently working for an outdoor education charity and has been involved in various volunteer activities. Ben became a Trustee of Tigers4Ever on 02 September 2017, he has over 10 years of experience in marketing, and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Ben has a keen interest in wildlife and travel and therefore his work with Tigers4Ever is a great way of combining many of his interests within one project. Ben will help Tigers4Ever to develop its marketing strategy to help us face our future challenges.

Sarah J Jones - Picture coming soon

Paul J A Hill became a Trustee of Tigers4Ever on 01 September 2018. Paul brings with him a unique mix of skills & expertise in creative design, computer science, technology, project management & teaching. Paul is very passionate about conservation causes, animal welfare & environmental issues, & their impact on people & animals. 

Paul previously worked with The Green Party supporting local green initiatives in Lytham Saint Annes, Lancashire. Being inspired to promote the good work already done & the future goals of Tigers4Ever is a key motivator for Paul. He commented that tigers remained an enigmatic symbol of strength for many people & that sustaining their species in their wild natural habitat is important for the prosperity of future generations. 

"It is an honour to embrace this opportunity, working with this dedicated team of professionals who care so deeply & passionately about these incredible, beautiful, powerful animals. It is my aim to help the team to overcome any future wild tiger conservation issues over the next 3 years, by utilising my professional network, skills & experience to benefit the tigers & the people who share their territories."

Sarah J Jones - Picture coming soon
Barry Page

Barry Page became a Trustee of Tigers4Ever on 2 February 2019, and together with the other Trustees shares in the responsibility for the governance and running of the charity.

Barry has regularly spent periods of time working in India since 1996 and lived there during 2017-18. Over the years his time in India has enabled him to combine his professional career with a passion for wildlife and wildlife conservation. He is particularly interested in animal behaviour and how they are having to adapt and deal with the ongoing changes to their environment brought about by the growth and urbanisation of mankind. He is rarely happier than when spending time in India’s forests and countryside, with a pair of binoculars always around his neck observing the flora and fauna in their natural environment. He also supports the running and development of a school in the south of India, visiting 3-5 time per year, is a Trustee of a UK based charity which supports families with young children and is the Editor of a bird-watching magazine. 

During his 34 years of corporate experience, Barry held various HR and Management roles for well-known global organisations, and brings this experience to Tigers4Ever to particularly support the charity’s education, skills assessment, training and development objectives. His hands-on working experience in India also helps with the understanding of how to work with local organisations and contractors.

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson also joined Tigers4Ever as a new Trustee on 02 February 2019.

Paul holds a BSc. (Hons.) in Computer Games Technology from the University of Portsmouth and has a background in Software Engineering, Business Intelligence and Data Architecture. 

Paul is passionate about wildlife conservation, and will help Tigers4Ever to develop the digital strategy and find innovate ways to use technology to help us protect tigers for future generations. 

Upon joining Tigers4Ever Paul said "I am honoured and consider it a huge privilege to be join the board of trustees of Tigers4Ever.  I hope to apply my skills and expertise to build upon the excellent work already being done."