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TigerFriend Gallery Arharia male tiger of Bandhavgarh, can be adopted as a MyTigerFriend Tigers4Ever distributing education packs to young children living with wild tigers in Ranchha village Solo Female Tiger can be adopted as a MyTigerFriend

Tigers4Ever is delighted to offer an opportunity for an offline MyTigerFriend Scheme wild tiger adoption. The offline MyTigerFriend adoption includes some of the benefits of the standard MyTigerFriend scheme Membership but excludes access to exclusive member zone on Tigers4Ever website. Regular Newsletters about your wild MyTigerFriend will be posted to you up to 4 times per year and you will also receive a printed MyTigerFriend adoption certificate for your wild tiger. Please allow up to 21 days for the delivery of your initial membership pack. The offline MyTigerFriend Membership fee is £20 per year which includes the additional costs associated with P&P for your membership. Please click the appropriate button below to to complete your registration and choose your MyTigerFriend. If you are a UK Taxpayer please consider Gift Aiding Your Donation as Tigers4Ever will receive an extra 25p per £1 donated at no extra cost to you. Thank you.

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