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Arharia male tiger

Tigers4Ever Strategic Plan 2018 -2023

1. Our Mission: To give wild tigers a wild future..

Our ultimate goal  is to protect wild tigers from extinction by eliminating tiger deaths due to poaching, poisoning or retaliatory attacks. We hope to achieve this through:

2. Our Objectives:

a. To provide Buffer Zone Anti-Poaching Patrols to protect tigers in critical locations.

b. To providing educational resources to children living with wild tigers.

c. To reduce incidents of human-animal conflict.

d. To ensure everyone living with wild tigers has a vested interest in wild tiger survival.

3. Our Strategic Objectives:

a. We will sustain and grow our charitable work within our clear financial strategy.

b. We will work within a clear Marketing & Communications strategy.

c. We will improve public awareness and understanding of the threats and issues facing wild tigers; and the work done by our charity to save them.

d. We will expand our opportunities to succeed through identification and growth of new income streams to sustain the objectives to meet our mission above.

e. Our Board of Trustees will maintain appropriate oversight and governance in order to further the work of the charity.

f. We will work with a people management strategy which enables us to build strong organisational capability and performance.

g. We will utilise information and IT to its best effect, and operate efficient and effective systems, processes & evaluation/measurement techniques.

4. Our Financial Objectives:

a. In 2018- 2019: To raise sufficient funds to enable us to meet our objectives outlined in 2 above.

b. In 2019-2020: to increase our income by 25% to enable us to provide double patrolling in the monsoon period; to develop strategies to reduce human-animal conflict; and to increase the level of educational support by 20% compared to 2018 levels.

c. In 2020 – 2021: to increase our income by 50% (compared to 2019 – 2020) to enable us to sustain increases in 4(b) above and further reduce human-animal conflict through waterhole construction and forest restoration projects.

d. In 2021 – 2022: to increase our income by 50% (compared to 2020 – 2021) to enable us to sustain increases in 4(c) above and expand the projects where we help to meet changing needs.

e. In 2022 – 2023: to increase our income by 50% (compared to 2020 – 2021) to enable us to sustain increases in 4(d) above and employ a part-time/full time fundraiser or administrative person.

5. Our Marketing Objectives:

a. Recruit new trustees with specific fundraising skills.

b. Refine Marketing Strategy.

c. Refine Fundraising Strategy.

d. Refine Digital Marketing Strategy.

e. Expand supporter base, both individual (by 50%) and corporate (by 400%) within 2 years.

f. Set new donor retention policies within 1 year.

g. Identify and recruit at least 10 high value donors within 4 years.

h. Set fundraising goals to meet: objectives outlined in 2; and financial objectives outlined in 4.

i. Improve marketing and digital marketing communications in the most cost effective manner.

j. Identify new sources of funding including grants, legacies, trusts within 2 years.

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