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There are those, including us, who regard the first time you see a tiger in the wild, as an unsurpassed, life-defining experience. This tiger (below, right) was the first wild tiger seen by Corinne and David Taylor-Smith (Tigers4Ever Co-Founders), it was in Corbett National Park (Uttarakhand, India), early one morning in late May 2007, on their very first Indian safari. It wasn’t the clearest sighting they have had – it is, however, one of the most special!  

‘You will never see tigers in Corbett’s, they had been told. But Corinne and David did. In the Bijrani area, which is within the buffer zone of Corbett National Park. Their lives were transformed. They had gone to India hoping to see a tiger, but were not prepared for the impact it would have on them. Seeing your first tiger makes you smile all over – inside and out - you can divide your life into the time before seeing a tiger and the time after. Corinne and David now say that their lives can be divided into two unequal halves – before and after they saw a wild tiger!

The “Events” Section will cover news about the forthcoming Tigers4Ever events and other fundraising initiatives.

The Bijrani Female, Corbett National Park, India

The Bijrani Female, Corbett National Park, India

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