A Good Global Tiger Day For Wild Tigers

Logo of the Fable Fund includes words saying "the fable Fund - Save the wild ones" and a sketch of a tiger lying down
The Fable Fund Logo

In recognition of Global Tiger Day, Tigers4Ever is delighted to have received a £7500 donation towards its latest waterhole project in the Panpatha-Biruhli buffer zone of Bandhavgarh. This generous donation from the ethical beauty product company Fable and Mane The Fable Fund will help us to complete work on our 13th and 14th waterholes for wild tigers and other wildlife. This project is in an area which lacks natural water for wildlife year round and our solar pump system will fill a large (recently extended to cope with the wild elephant population) waterhole and a smaller seasonal pond some 200 metres away from the main site. This enables two wildlife habitats to benefit from year round water for drinking and respite from the heat.

Committed to Making a Difference

This donation means that funds we’ve raised in 2022 for our waterhole projects can be used to fund further new waterholes in the Panpatha and Tala core forests of Bandhavgarh; where rainwater harvesting solutions are needed at sites unsuitable for solar-powered borewell systems. Geological studies are underway to ensure that the most appropriate rainwater harvesting solutions are found in the particular terrains and we hope to start work on these projects once the Panpatha – Biruhli waterholes are complete.

We envisage that rainwater harvesting projects will become a major part of our future waterhole projects as these will help to alleviate the impacts of both prolonged drought and seasonal flooding by capturing excess rainwater and storing it for future use. Rainwater harvesting projects have proved beneficial in farming communities across various states in India, already, and Tigers4Ever has committed to making a difference for wild tigers using this technology.

More Help on the Way

We look forward to working together with Fable and Mane The Fable Fund again later this year, in the meantime you can discover more about them here: https://fableandmane.com/. We will keep you updated with news of how the latest waterhole project is helping Tigers4Ever to give wild tigers a wild future via our regular project reports on: https://tigers4ever.org/blog/ and our newsletters. You can subscribe to receive our newsletter on our blog page, if you haven’t done so already

A female royal Bengal tiger walks through the water in the buffer zone of Bandhavgarh National Park in India
Female Royal Bengal Tiger walking in Waterhole

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