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Conflict Kills

Your tremendous support for our anti-poaching patrols in these challenging times is quite amazing, thank you. During the last few months where human-wildlife and tiger-tiger conflict have continued to be at 15-year highs, your generosity has ensured that we can keep our patrols tripled for the 6 months since the end of the 2023 monsoon…

Young Royal Bengal Tiger in SunlightProjects

Why Education?

Thank you for your amazing support for our efforts to give wild tigers a wild future despite the continued cost-of-living crisis! Last year we introduced our forest safety education programme into our Education projects as we tried to reduce the number of deaths and injuries due to human-wildlife conflict. We also managed to include the…

New Uniform & Boots for Anti-Poaching PatrollersNews

The Next Phase

When we launched our Patrolling Equipment project in late Summer 2022, we knew that the pandemic had hit hard and we couldn’t keep pace with the renewal and replacement kit needs for the brave men and women who risk their lives to keep wild tigers safe, from our patrolling costs alone. Today we know that…

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When the Risk is High

Every day we are grateful for your tremendous support for our anti-poaching patrols, especially with so many other challenges facing us all these days. Your help and generosity not only helped us to increase to quadruple patrolling throughout the 2023 monsoon period, peak poaching season, it has helped us to achieve triple patrolling in the…

Alpha Male Tiger in Seasonal WaterholeNews

Time to Renew and Build

With 2023 finally over and the brunt of early morning foggy conditions beginning to pass in Bandhavgarh, we can finally plan our next wildlife waterhole with more certainty. Winter has been quite a challenge for both our anti-poaching patrols and our existing waterholes. Cold weather and wild elephants have taken their toll on two more…

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Winter is Tough

We are grateful for your tremendous support for our anti-poaching patrols, especially during these challenging times. Your help and generosity enabled us to maintain quadrupled patrolling throughout the 2023 monsoon period, which was also peak poaching season. As a small charity, we rely heavily on individual donors like you to deliver our essential services. Your…

Children are Helped by Our Banners tooNews

Education Challenges

The cost-of-living crisis is biting hard in 2023 but you are still finding it in your hearts to help our efforts to give wild tigers a wild future, so thank you for your continuing amazing support. This year we introduced forest safety education into our project programme as we try to reduce the increasing number…

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Winter Challenges

It is hard to imagine that Winter is here already. I spoke with our patrolling co-ordinator a short while ago and he said: “It’s getting quite cold here now!” That was quite a surprise, usually we’re into December before the first mentions of cold. Well, 2023 has been a strange year weatherwise so perhaps I…

Sub-Adult Tigers need TerritoryNews

Coping with Changes

The monsoon season seemed to fly by this year, perhaps it was because such a lot happened? Once again monsoon rainfall was variable and stop start in nature. Such conditions present many challenges for our anti-poaching patrollers and those people who live with wildlife at their door. Before I go on, I must thank you…

Resting TigerNews

Monsoon Rains and Wildlife Conflict

To quote one of our most senior anti-poaching patrollers “This has been the strangest September monsoon I can remember since 1995!” Why? I asked. The response was straight to the point: more rain, more thunderstorms, more tiger deaths and more human deaths! It wasn’t the response I had hoped for; but with daily contact with…

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Poachers, Poisoners and Conflict

We continue to be amazed by your tremendous support for our anti-poaching patrols, during these challenging times. Thank you, without your help and generosity our Anti-Poaching Patrols would already be reduced to critically low levels. This is always a major concern for us when our reserves become depleted as poaching of both wild tigers and…