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Safety Education

Thank you for your amazing support throughout 2023 so far. Your donations have helped us to widen our education projects this year to include: education packs for children living with wild tigers; desks and seating for 100 children at the Damna village school; backpacks for 120 children; and this month wildlife safety education for every…

Tigress and Cub at Tigers4Ever WaterholeNews

Monsoon Challenges

A little over a year ago when we launched this project, we had ambitions to replenish and replace worn out essential equipment and provide the new equipment that modern anti-poaching patrollers need. We knew that this would be a mammoth task as some of the equipment we needed to replace had been provided over the…

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Early Monsoon Rains and Poachers

Thank you for your continued tremendous support for our anti-poaching patrols, during these challenging times. Without your help and generosity our Anti-Poaching Patrols would already be reduced to pre-pandemic levels. This is a major concern for us as our reserves become depleted because poaching incidents of both wild tigers and their prey continue to rise…

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Unseasonal Rain, Storms and Dust

It has been a strange but busy time for Tigers4Ever since our last project report. Whilst lots of things have happened in India, we continue to be immensely grateful for your tremendous support for our work. Thank you. A New Waterhole at Last! In our February report we reported failure to put a solar-powered pump…

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What Happens Next

We are eternally grateful for your continued support for our anti-poaching patrols during these challenging times. Thank you. The cost of living crisis seems never-ending and we know that makes life much harder for everyone. Without your help our Anti-Poaching Patrols would already be reduced to no more than the double patrolling we did back…

Children of Damna with Backpacks & Education PacksNews

A Lot Has Happened

Thank you for your amazing support throughout the first quarter of 2023. Your donations have helped us to provide education packs for another 120 children living with wild tigers bringing the total in just over a year to 820 children helped. This makes a huge difference to the rural Indian families whose children are still…