Protect Bandhavgarh’s Tigers From Poachers

Summary 97% of the global wild tiger population has been lost in 100 years. Only 3200 remain so it’s vital we protect them & their critical habitat. 2226 wild tigers are in India. Poachers have jeopardised wild tiger survival for years with snares consisting of anchored wires with sliding nooses camouflaged along tiger trails. Our…


Education Helps to Save Wild Tigers

Summary Education is key to ensuring wild tigers have wild futures. Since 2010 we’ve provided 1800 education packs for children in 24 villages around Bandhavgarh to enable them to go to school. Rural poverty & the cost of basic books & pens often prevents many children from attending school. Without education their future prospects are…

Orphaned Tiger Cub in Tigers4Ever waterhole which helped to save her life

Water for Bandhavgarh’s Tigers – Reducing Conflict

Summary 3 years of poor monsoon rainfall has led to severe extended droughts in Bandhavgarh impacting all. Thirsty prey animals enter villages to drink & graze crops. Predators follow in search of food & take livestock. People can’t afford to lose crops/livestock to wildlife so look to end the conflict by fair or foul means…