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Sinister Sisterhood – The Sinister Sisterhood – devious, deadly and dedicatedElle’s dreams of domestic bliss are devastated by David’s deceiving dalliances. Abandoned and alone, she needs a new life-plan and it’s thrust upon her by her tiger-loving aunt in India. She must conserve the creatures and hunt the hunters.

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On Global Tiger Day – 29 July 2020 – We wanted to do something different to help raise awareness about the plight of the wild tiger and the multiple threats and challenges which they face. COVID19, however, scuppered our plans to hold a week long wildlife art exhibition around the day. A few weeks ago we were approached by the Publishers BadPressInk regarding a book “Sinister Sisterhood” which is being released on Global Tiger Day and the author, Jane Badrock, is keen to donate 50% of the book profits to help big cat conservation. We were delighted to hear this, and Jane even agreed to a special edition supporting Tigers4Ever which is available from BadPressInk via eBay in Paperback format using this link: every copy sold will help our quest to save wild tigers, so we asked Tigers4Ever Trustee Dr. Sean Axon to use his past experience of reviewing books and publications and provide a special review of the book for our supporters. This is what Sean had to say:

Sinister Sisterhood is a darkly-comic thriller about a group of female vigilantes seeking revenge on those who exploit wild animals or hunt them as trophies.

The lead character, Elle motivated by a chance conversation with her Aunt during a visit to India, decides to do something about “eliminating” the top 10 global trophy hunters. Under the guise of an employment agency, she assembles a crack team of female vigilantes each of whom has their own motivations and unique set of skills which they apply with great enthusiasm.

This is a fast-paced globetrotting adventure and the plot takes multiple twists and turns as we navigate the adventures and encounters of each of the Sinister Sisterhood as they pursue their adversaries. Without giving anything away, there are several macabre and laugh-out-loud moments throughout and whilst most rational people would not endorse the Sisterhood’s unique direct approach, many would empathise with their cause.

The book is distinctly tongue-in-cheek and reminded me of a cross between the Agatha Raisin Mysteries and Charlie’s Angels! That said, the book does deal with the serious underlying issue of animal exploitation and the threat posed by trophy hunters and criminal gangs to the very survival of endangered wild animals such as tigers. It also touches on people trafficking, modern slavery and the use of legitimate business as a front for criminal activities.

This would make a great gift for wild animal lovers, those who support conservation work or those who simply enjoy an easily readable thriller. I would recommend it as a great piece of escapism during these strange times.” We hope that our supporters will enjoy the book too.


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