Tigers4Ever are currently raising funds for our 2022-2023 projects, continuing the work we have done in recent years to protect wild tigers populations from poachers, drought and human animal conflict. Please read on to find out more about these projects and the work we do.

Tigers4Ever Anti-Poaching Patrollers on Bicycles provided by us to make getting around the forest safer and quicker

Saving Bandhavgarh's Wild Tigers from Poachers

This project has resulted in a dramatic reduction in wild tiger deaths and human-animal conflict since its inception in July 2015. Tigers4Ever is delighted to report that there has been a 97.5% decrease in wild tiger deaths due to poaching & retaliatory poisonings since these patrols were launched. Tigers4Ever needs to raise at least £1800 (US$2220) per month (£21600/US$26640 per annum) to keep our Buffer Zone Patrolling at current levels (tripled patrolling to mitigate increased risk due to COVID19 and its economic impact).

Orphaned Tiger Cub in Tigers4Ever waterhole which helped to save her life

Water for Bandhavgarh's Tigers - Reducing Conflict

In April 2018 Tigers4Ever completed work on two waterhole projects in the Magdhi Core Zone of Bandhavgarh. Water to fill these waterholes is obtained year-round from underground wells via solar powered 5-HP borehole pumps.  This project is part of Tigers4Ever’s mission to reduce man-animal conflict by stabilising prey numbers and keeping wildlife within protected forest areas.

Tigers4Ever representatives give education packs to some of the young children who live around Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

Education Helps to Save Wild Tigers

Tigers4Ever continues to work with GTCS in Bandhavgarh, and donates education packs and ecology books for distribution among the most needy children, who would otherwise be unable to attend school, in rural locations around Bandhavgarh. Education packs help to improve children’s literacy and enhance the prospect of future wild tiger survival.