Are you ready to have some fun and save wild Tigers?

Poster for Global Tiger Day Quiz on 29 July
Global Tiger Day Quiz

Calling all quizzers out there in our wild tiger support squad!  Now you can join forces with hundreds of others around the planet for our Global Tiger Day Quiz.

As always, Global Tiger Day is on 29 July.  This year is the eleventh anniversary since the creation of this international awareness day to focus attention on the plight of tigers, worldwide.  Tigers4Ever wants to use the occasion to emphasise the continuing plight of wild tigers in Bandhavgarh, India.  To remind people how important their support is to the continuation of our work programmes there.

A reminder of what we do to Give wild Tigers a wild Future

Anti-Poaching Patrols

Maintaining projects like our Anti-Poaching Patrols which need a minimum £1250/US$1660 per month to keep our teams patrolling in the Buffer Zones surrounding Bandhavgarh National Park, to reduce wild tiger deaths from human-animal conflict including retaliatory poisonings in addition to those from poaching. Find out more here: https://tigers4ever.org/patrols/

Tigers4Ever Anti-Poaching Patrollers on Bicycles provided by us to make getting around the forest safer and quicker
Tigers4Ever Anti-Poaching Patrollers at work

Reducing Human-Animal Conflict via Wildlife Waterholes

Extending our Waterhole Projects to stabilise prey numbers and keep wildlife within protected forest areas, like those we have built in the Magdhi and Tala Core Zones. There, the water is brought to the surface from underground wells and streams via solar powered 5-HP borehole pumps into eight permanent wildlife waterholes. Find out more here: https://tigers4ever.org/waterholes/  

Tigress and cub in Tigers4Ever Waterhole
Tigress Dotty with one of her cubs in a Tigers4Ever Waterhole


Sustaining the provision of Education Packs and materials in and around Bandhavgarh to children who would, otherwise, be unable to attend school.  Improving their literacy, learning and understanding of the benefits of future wild tiger survival. Find out more here: https://tigers4ever.org/education/

Indian children with Tigers4Ever education packets
Children happy to have received Education Packs from Tigers4Ever

Global Tiger Day 2021

We are celebrating Global Tiger Day 2021 with a quiz to test the general knowledge of our supporters everywhere.  All you need is a mobile, tablet, laptop or personal computer to join in the fun.  You can even play on your Smart TV.  This is going to be more like an international, interactive television quiz show than a simple online game and we really hope that as many of you as possible can enjoy it.

Register your interest right now, for a place in the thick of the action on 29 July 2021. 

Register Now

To sign up, click the link here or go to https://www.warppoint.net/tigers4ever where you will also find a simple run down of how the quiz will work on the day.

You can join as an individual or as a team.  Maybe your friends or relatives would relish joining in this quiz event with you or, perhaps, you could muster up a work’s team or a sports/hobby-group team?

Tigers4Ever supporters know that wild tigers must compete in the jungle for space, territory and food.  Now there is a chance for our supporters and their friends, family or colleagues to compete on behalf of those wild tigers, too.  You can enjoy the challenge and share the entertainment available while raising funds for a critical cause at the same time.

Good luck and great quizzing. Thank you for your support for the wild tigers and our work.

Male tiger resting in a waterhole in Bandhavgarh National Park, raising awareness that 29 July is Global Tiger Day
Male Tiger in Waterhole in Bandhavgarh National Park, India
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