Young Royal Bengal Tiger in SunlightProjects

Why Education?

Thank you for your amazing support for our efforts to give wild tigers a wild future despite the continued cost-of-living crisis! Last year we introduced our forest safety education programme into our Education projects as we tried to reduce the number of deaths and injuries due to human-wildlife conflict. We also managed to include the…

Children are Helped by Our Banners tooNews

Education Challenges

The cost-of-living crisis is biting hard in 2023 but you are still finding it in your hearts to help our efforts to give wild tigers a wild future, so thank you for your continuing amazing support. This year we introduced forest safety education into our project programme as we try to reduce the increasing number…

Tigress with Tiny CubsNews

Safety Education

Thank you for your amazing support throughout 2023 so far. Your donations have helped us to widen our education projects this year to include: education packs for children living with wild tigers; desks and seating for 100 children at the Damna village school; backpacks for 120 children; and this month wildlife safety education for every…

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