Why Tigers

During the build-up to International Tiger Day, on 29 July 2020, Tigers4Ever has been asking their supporters #WhyTigers? We want to find out why people across the globe share our passion for giving wild tigers a wild future and why conserving this iconic species is so important. Trustee, Lyndon Roberts, shares his thoughts. Why are…


Monsoon Rains & Testing Times

Anti-Poaching Patrol Project update Report July 2020 Tiger cubs in Tigers4Ever Waterhole Your donations have helped us accomplish an outstanding record of conservation. It’s been over 5 years since the last retaliatory poisoning of a tiger in Bandhavgarh, and more than 44 months since we last lost a tiger to a poaching incident. We’re extremely grateful for your…


Winter Challenges

By Dr. Corinne Taylor-Smith – Project Leader Tigers like to sit in waterholes in the dry season Winter Challenges Thank you for your continued amazing support for our projects to give wild tigers a wild future. Without you, more than 90% of what we achieve would be impossible. For our supporters in the USA who…