After the Forest Fires

Can I start this project update newsletter by thanking every single one of you for your amazing support over the last year; we’ve all been impacted in one way or another by COVID19 but you have helped us to undertake double patrolling when it was most needed, despite your own personal pressures. In this time,…


Droughts, Fires and Elephants

The Risk of Retaliatory Poisoning and Poaching is High
In the short term, more permanent wildlife waterholes are essential to prevent the inevitable tiger-tiger and human-animal conflict, which will arise due to the animals being displaced by the fires, from leading to more tiger deaths. We plan to start work within two weeks on installing a solar powered bore-well pump system at a large waterhole, which is currently being filled by water tankers, and is used by at least 42 elephants and 8 wild tigers plus countless other animals which have been displaced by the fires.


The Drought Season is Back

Just over a month ago we received a stark reminder of just how essential our permanent wildlife waterholes are when wild elephants damaged the solar pump systems at two locations rendering the pump systems inoperable: Within two weeks the waterholes were dry, just like the many streams, rivers and natural waterholes around Bandhavgarh as the…


Water Challenges

When we wrote our last report in September we’d hoped that things would have changed significantly in respect of COVID19 by Christmas, but sadly it looks like the threats which have blighted 2020 are here to stay for the foreseeable future anyway. Like the rest of the world we’ve spent most of the year adapting…


Water For Life

Affectionate moment between a Tigress & her cub This is possibly one of the hardest project update reports which I have had to write. Three months ago we were filled with optimism that we could raise sufficient funds to complete another major waterhole for wild tigers before the drought season took its toll and before…


It’s Almost Drought Season Again

Wow, it’s February already! It doesn’t seem five minutes since Christmas and New Year but if we’ve learnt one thing over the last ten years, it is that every day brings a new challenge in wild tiger conservation; and because of this time really does fly by. I can’t start this project report, without thanking…

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