The Drought Season is Back

Just over a month ago we received a stark reminder of just how essential our permanent wildlife waterholes are when wild elephants damaged the solar pump systems at two locations rendering the pump systems inoperable: Within two weeks the waterholes were dry, just like the many streams, rivers and natural waterholes around Bandhavgarh as the…

A Royal Bengal Tigress protects her tiny cubs in their den, in Bandhavgarh, IndiaBlog

Hotter Drier Weather Ahead

Your amazing support over the last four months has helped us to resume double patrolling when it is most needed; we asked for your help to keep our patrols doubled until the end of December 2020 and your brilliant support has enabled us to keep this going throughout January – March 2021 too. Thank you…


Water For Life

Affectionate moment between a Tigress & her cub This is possibly one of the hardest project update reports which I have had to write. Three months ago we were filled with optimism that we could raise sufficient funds to complete another major waterhole for wild tigers before the drought season took its toll and before…