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Tigers4Ever Call To Earth Day Appeal
Tigers4Ever Call To Earth Day Appeal

Call to Earth Day, 10 November. Have you planted your tree or shrub yet?

Last month we talked about the world’s first Call to Earth Day on 10 November, supporting conservation, environmentalism and a sustainable future for generations to come. We’re encouraging you to play your part and plant a native tree or shrub where you live, perhaps in honour of someone, a cherished pet, or simply to support biodiversity in your neighbourhood. Here at Tigers4Ever, so far our team has contributed by planting a mixed native English hedge, Chestnut trees and hazelnut tress here in the UK, almost 100 native trees in the USA and 50 trees in India to provide food, flowers and shelter for wildlife. Have you planted your tree yet? If so, please take a picture and share on social media using the hashtags: #CallToEarth, #10000TreesForTigers and #Tigers4Ever. We want to create a montage of photos showing the united power of our collective efforts to restore and rebuild wildlife habitats around the world.

Keeping Wild Tigers Safe with our anti-poaching patrols

In Bandhavgarh, we continue to keep our anti-poaching patrols trebled at least until the end of 2021 to counter the increase in and continued threat of tiger poaching incidents. This means our patrollers will continue to protect an additional 1000kim (624 miles) per month of wild tiger territory. It is dangerous and challenging work, but their perseverance and commitment mean that the pressure is maintained to deter the high number of poachers in the park. Thankfully, poaching is now rare, thanks to their efforts, but the threat is always there as poachers take advantage of dark, wet nights to hide their footprints. As winter approaches, we have provided winter clothing for our patrollers to protect them from the bitter cold at night. We are truly grateful to our supporters for enabling this to happen through your generous donations. If you would still like to donate, then £50 (US$73) would buy a warm winter coat to protect a patroller from the freezing temperatures. The increased anti-poaching activity means our monthly costs are now £1507 (US$2140) to ensure the highest level of patrolling is maintained.

Alpha Male Royal Bengal Tiger in Bandhavgarh National Park, India
Abhiraj father of Rajakumari’s cubs

New Wildlife waterhole project to be Completed Soon

We were thrilled to be awarded a grant of £1000 (US$1450) recently from the Matthew Good Foundation, a UK charity that awards money via its ‘Grants for Good’ scheme. Awards go to small charities that are making a big difference to the lives of communities and are generating a positive impact on the environment through their work. Our grant will enable us to complete the work on our latest waterhole project where we are creating a wildlife waterhole away from the villages to protect communities and wild tigers. This project area has become more critical as Bandhavgarh becomes increasingly vulnerable to climate change, affecting both wildlife and people. Successive years of long droughts have caused prey animals to leave the forest in search of water arriving often at village water sources. Predators, such as tigers, follow in search of their preferred food and may predate cattle if the opportunity presents. Waterholes away from villages, specifically for wildlife, will ensure the safety of both people and wild tigers.

Wild Tigers swimming in a Tigers4Ever Waterhole

Giving Tuesday – 30 November

Giving Tuesday is a day when everyone, everywhere, can do something to support a cause they care about. GlobalGiving has pledged US$1million matched funds for donations received by Charities like Tigers4Ever on GivingTuesday. GlobalGiving helps our donors in the USA to make safe and easy US tax-deductible donations to our wild tigers conservation projects. UK taxpayers can give in GBP and enable us to claim an extra 25% in Gift Aid from the UK Government on eligible donations. What’s more, new monthly donations will get a 100% match in bonus funds in month 4, to add to the bonus funds allocated on Giving Tuesday, so it’s a great way to start a new monthly donation from £5 ($7.50) per month. Tigers4Ever is always grateful for the significant contribution that Giving Tuesday makes to our projects. Find out more about the projects that your donations support. Please take part this year and make a donation to Tigers4Ever as part of your festive giving.

Tiger Cubs in Giving Tuesday Appeal
Tiger Cubs in Giving Tuesday Appeal

And finally, we wish a ‘Happy Diwali’ to all of our supporters, the communities we work with, and Tigers4Ever team in India and the UK. We wish you all health, safety security and prosperity in the festive season and year to come.

Happy Diwali - Make it Safe for Wild Tigers
Happy Diwali – Make it Safe for Wild Tigers