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Tigers4Ever secures £10k funding from Olsen Animal Trust

Tigers4Ever is delighted to announce the recent signing of a funding contract with the Olsen Animal Trust. The latter will provide Tigers4Ever with £10,000 to help with funding anti-poaching patrols and providing equipment to patrollers helping protect tigers in Bandhavgarh, India.

The funding is already being put to immediate use with Tigers4Ever set to purchase more than 250 sets of waterproof clothing to help patrollers do their job through the monsoon conditions when poaching is higher than normal, and to purchase over 50 warm winter jackets in advance of the cold conditions ahead.

Anti-poaching patrols are a central pillar of the work Tigers4Ever does in the region to help protect wild tigers in India.

Dr Corinne Taylor-Smith, Founder Trustee & Chair, Tigers4Ever said: “It is fantastic that Olsen Animal Trust has kindly committed to funding three months of our anti-poaching patrols during peak poaching season. A large number of sub-adult tigers are trying to establish territories of their own right now so need as much protection as we can offer. Olsen Animal Trust has also granted sufficient funds to help us ensure that the last 285 anti-poaching patrollers without waterproof clothing can be kitted out right now to help them battle the monsoon rains as they strive to keep wild tigers safe.

“The equipment we will be able to provide from these funds will enable the anti-poaching patrollers to protect tigers and other wildlife, remove snares and traps and deal with wildfires more effectively. We are extremely grateful to Olsen Animal Trust for this grant.”

If you are interested in working with Tigers4Ever please get in touch with our fundraising trustee Helen, by emailing Helen@Tigers4Ever.org


About Tigers4Ever

Our ultimate goal is to give wild tigers a wild future thus preventing the extinction of wild tigers.
With India home to three quarters of the global wild tiger population; it is vital that we eliminate wild tiger deaths due to poaching and retaliatory poisoning to ensure that wild tigers are around for future generations.

We achieve this by:

  • Providing Anti-Poaching Patrols to keep wild tigers safe from poachers’ snares and traps.
  • Working with the communities who live with wild tigers to ensure they have a vested interest in wild tiger survival.
  • Educating future generations so they know the value of an apex predator and its habitat to the ecology and sustainability of the landscape.
  • Providing safety advice to ensure that people living with wild tigers keep themselves, their families and livestock safe.
  • Reducing human-animal conflict to help stabilise both prey and predator numbers through the provision of sustainable environmentally focused permanent wildlife waterhole solutions and schemes to reverse habitat destruction.

About Olsen Animal Trust

OAT is a family trust established to end animal cruelty and exploitation by supporting organisations and initiatives concerned with animal welfare and conservation. The trust seeks partners and projects that are aligned with their vision and are achieving positive outcomes on the ground. This embodies the values of the Olsen family, inspired by their love of all animals.

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