Protecting endangered tigers in your Will – Why it matters and how to make it happen.

Leaving a gift in your Will

By leaving a gift to Tigers4Ever you can leave a lasting legacy of hope to endangered tigers today, tomorrow and long into the future. Tigers are threatened with extinction in the wild by a number of factors including poaching and trade of their body parts, habitat loss, tiger farming and loss of prey.

Legacies are special gifts. However big or small, you can be sure that your gift will help to make a real difference to the survival of wild tigers.

How a gift in your Will makes a difference

Your Will is an opportunity to provide for the people and causes you care most about.

The work below is just a glimpse of what we can achieve with your support. It shows how your commitment to protecting tigers in the wild can live on for years to come, and be translated into a meaningful difference – no matter how big or small your gift.

Alpha male Wild Tiger in Waterhole

Your gift could help to fund regular anti-poaching patrols to find and remove traps, discourage poachers and help to encourage local people to live in harmony with tigers. We’ve seen a 97.5% reduction in tiger deaths from poaching and retaliatory poisonings since our anti-poaching patrols launched in Bandhavgarh in July 2015.

Orphaned Tiger Cub in Tigers4Ever waterhole which helped to save her life

Wildlife waterholes provide tigers and other wildlife with water during drought periods, reduce human-animal conflict by discouraging them away from villages and open up new territory for tigers to inhabit. Leaving a gift in your Will could help us to improve tiger habitat and protect more tigers in the wild.

Young female tiger enjoys the protection of trees in her forest home

Your support could help us to empower local people through education. Providing opportunities to find employment outside of farming, which helps reduce habitat destruction and human-tiger conflict. We’ve been able to reach more than 2200 children in 25 villages with educational support. Your gift could help us to provide long lasting change to communities, encouraging more locals to help us protect tigers for the future generations.

Leaving a gift in your Will can make a huge difference to endangered tigers.

But in case you have any lingering questions before you read on, here are a few points worth remembering.

Family can still come first

We understand that your friends and family come first, and you don’t have to choose between looking after your loved ones and protecting tigers. You can use your Will to do both – for instance by leaving a gift to Tigers4Ever after friends and family have been taken care of. Every gift, no matter how big or small, has the power to make a real and lasting difference to tigers.

Your wishes

Making a Will is easy to put off, but it’s the only way to be sure your wishes are carried out. Without one, you may leave your loved ones facing uncertainty. And of course, there’ll be no way to ensure your desire to stop tiger extinction lives on.

Good financial sense

Leaving a gift to charity in your Will can reduce the amount your estate pays in Inheritance Tax, meaning you can make an even greater difference to your loved ones and vulnerable tigers.

Peace of mind

Once you’ve made a Will, you and your loved ones can feel secure; and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your wishes will be carried out. A Will covers everything from what you leave to family and friends, to whether you’d like to remember a charity such as ours and even your funeral arrangements. What’s more, problems can arise if you don’t make a Will. Not least, in the absence of a Will, the government will decide how to share your estate. They may not do so in a way you feel is fair, or in line with your values and beliefs.

After making sure my immediate family and close friends are taken care of in my will, I have requested that a percentage is allocated for Tigers4Ever. I trust that the money I leave will go directly to the conservation area with the greatest need that will help protect tigers in the wild. ~ Supporter of Tigers4Ever

You can visit the Remember A Charity website to find out how to leave a gift to charity when making a Will or to help find a solicitor in your local area, who will be able to advise you on leaving gifts to charities when making a Will.

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