Climate Change has resulted in successive years of poor monsoon rainfall which has in turn led to severe extended droughts in Bandhavgarh impacting all. Thirsty prey animals enter the villages to drink & graze crops. Predators follow in search of food & take livestock. People can’t afford to lose crops/livestock to wildlife so look to end the conflict by fair or foul means risking tigers’ lives. Our project will provide solar-powered borehole pumps to bring underground water to the surface year-round for tigers & their prey thus reducing human-animal conflict and the impact of climate change.



Over the last 5 years Bandhavgarh has suffered from an acute water crisis due to erratic rainfall & long dry spells. Existing wildlife waterholes previously replenished by rainwater have become dry or almost dry. Wildlife now needs to look elsewhere for water which leads to increased human-animal conflict due to crop raiding and livestock predation. The project will provide water for up to 8 tigers and countless other wildlife whilst reducing human-animal conflict.


The project will provide a solar powered borehole pump systems for medium-large waterholes for tigers/other wildlife. The bore-well uses underground sources to provide wildlife water year-round. Surplus water returns via soak away systems. We installed 2 more systems in 2018 to provide water for 8 tigers & countless other wildlife. In total our solar pumps provide water at 8 locations and provide water for 32+ wild tigers. This has reduced human-animal conflict in nearby villages. Donations will help to reduce human-animal conflict & save many animals via the provision of year-round water.

Long-Term Impact

The lives of thousands of wild animals will be saved by the year round availability of water. It will lead to reduced human-animal conflict and will contribute to the conservation of the tigers’ environment & sustainability through ecologically focused actions.